Men with strange missions (The Norfolk News)

Men with strange missions are to seen in London occasionally. Surely one of the strangest, however, is Herr Joseph Salomonson, who has come to us from Lake Maggiore to persuade us to give up the of all liquids, and further to abstain if it were poison. He himself has not drunk of anything for two years and two months, and hopes to attain a great age by perserving with that peculiar form of abstinence. At Ascona he has founded a colony of men and women disciples, who rigorously eschew salt, work in the fields in primitive garb, and, when the weather is suitable, sleep on the bare ground, form which they are supposed to extract natural magnetic currents. Herr Joseph Salomonson has already gained anumber of adherents in London and on the Continent, including several wellknown physicians and scientists. He claims that the mode of living advocated by himself and his followers is the only one that is natural and healthy, and that vy its adaption a man or a woman may add considerably to the span of life. “There is not a sound man in the world,” he says, “and yet people who eat salt and drink water live to be as old as ninety, or even a hundred. When we live a natural life I see no reason why we should not attain to 250 years.” Herr Salomonson himself is a picturesque-looking man, and creates a sensation whenever he appears in a London street. He wears a long brown cassock and a pait of sandals. A great mass of hair falls over his shoulders, and his collarless neck is hidden by a long, wispy beard.

The Norfolk News, 5. Dezember 1903, Nr. 3076 [?], S. 1.