Will Found Ideal Colony

Swiss-Italian Vegetarians Establish a Community.

GENEVA, Switzerland, June 27. – About 100 persons, thirty of them women, have settled at Ascona, on the Swiss-Italian frontier, intending to found a community modeled upon Sir Thomas More’s Utopia. The members are to have individual liberty of action and of thought, but are pledged to live in the most frugal way. The colonists are vegetarians, their dress is to be of the simplest character, and no hats or caps are to be worn: All belong to the educated classes. The laws, they say, are those of nature, and they acknowledge no others. Their sole amusement is music, by preference that of Wagner, whom they call nature’s musician. The founder of the colony is a Belgian, but among ‘the members are Swiss, Italians; French, Germans, Russians and one South American.

A committee Is trying to Invent a language which will be spoken. They are trying to buy land enough to devote themselves to agriculture for their own support.

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