How to become 400 years old

Salomonson Arrives With an Infallible Prescription for Becoming a Methnsela [sic!].

PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Feb. 12. – According to Joseph Salomonson, who has arrived here from Liverpool, everybody has a chance to live four hundred years. It is all very simple Mr. Salomon expects to do it himself just for the purpose of bearing out his theory, and he has written a book on the subject.

Mr. Salomonson hopes to live fout hundred years at least. He uses no animal food of any character, no salt, drinks nothing, not even water, wears plain robe and sandals, and knows every one of Richard Wagner’s operatic dramas word for word. He sleeps on the ground in the open. wears his hairs long like a woman, and says there is no philosophy but that of common sense.

He amassed a great fortune in the Fast India trade, amd is now free to indulge his unique ideas in regard to the preservation of health. His home is in Belgium. He came to this country to visit Benedict Lust, who has put the Samomonson idea into operation at his sanitarium in Butler, N. J.

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