An Appostle of the Simple Life

Joseph Salomonson, who calls himself “Mewa” is exdciting much amusement in Paris, where he parades the streets dressed only in a flowing white robe reaching to the knees and wearing a guilt circle on his head. His hair and beard, of a rich golden color, have never been cut. he carries along white stick [?] and wears sandals. He says he is an appostle of the “simple life”, and has walked all over France in his singular costume. He always sleeps on the ground, wathever the weather may be, and lives entirely on vegetables. He believes that man [?] should eat no animal or mineral product, and will not even use salt with his vegetables.

The Hartford Republican (Hartford, KY), 19. Jahrg., 10. August 1906, Nr. 4, S. 2.Online