How to become 400 years old

Salomonson Arrives With an Infallible Prescription for Becoming a Methnsela [sic!]. PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Feb. 12. – According to Joseph Salomonson, who has arrived here from Liverpool, everybody has a chance to live four hundred years. … Weiterlesen

La colonie végétarienne

La colonie végétarienne dite du Mont de la Vérité, installée prés d’Ascona, sur le lac Majeur, vient de se dissoudre. Elle avait vécu cinq ans. Son fondateur, un Allemand qui avait recueilli là une population … Weiterlesen

Wagner and the Return to Nature

A Utopian society has established itself in Ascona, a little place on the borders of Italy and Switzerland. This little society, which numbers thirty-eight individuals, seeks to solve the problem of how to live happily. … Weiterlesen